DERUSTIT pickling compounds are intended for pickling of austenitic steels, nickel based alloys and special alloys like: Incoloy, Inconel, Hastelloy, Monel and other.
Noble steel may also become rusted! Noble steel becomes corrosion resistant only, when on its surface can be developed absolutely smooth layer – passive layer. To get such uniform passive layer, the surface of material should be pure metallic and clean. So, as the first step, all discolorations and ferrite residues developed during welding, annealing or rolling processes, should be removed. DERUSTIT pickling compounds are the best fitted for this purpose. Depending on specific needs, we offer always optimal choice.
Pickling bath, fast and reliable. Recommended for complex pickling of big size items.
Pickling paste best fitted to pickle items with thick scale. Recommended for pickling welds.
Pickling paste best fitted to pickle items with thick scale, and to material removal pickling of large areas.


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