Food processing

Food industry

Assurance of hygienic conditions in food industry requires, smooth surfaces. The best way to achieve this goal is electrochemical polishing. Appliances with electropolished surfaces are easy in effective cleaning, besides high lustre improve their aesthetical look. Electropolished surface has high durability and corrosion resistance to organic substances (among other things milk acid, acetic acid, alcohols). Smooth surface on equipment contacting with food, additionally retards in high degree growth of  bacteria.Some elements of  machines and equipment not contacting directly with food undergo only pickling process.  

Milk tank after electropolishing

ECM sp. z o.o. has the biggest capacity in processing of acid proof steel in Poland.
Now we systematically process about 500 different parts for machines and equipment for food industry.
These are equally tiny and small parts and big one like: milk tanks, ducts, pump housings, water filters, cheese tubs, spirit bottling installations and sterilization baskets for cutlery.

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