Pickling provides cleaning and protection of metal surface.

Pickling [steel processing , stainless, acid resistant]

Pickling removes from metal surface dirt, rust and otherwise hard to remove welding scale. In result, it gives an uniform mat-grey steel surface. Pickling produces on steel surface a layer of chromium oxide, which considerably increase chemical resistance. So this process produces also passivation  effect. Pickling is therefore a first step prior to electrochemical polishing.


We offer pickling: stainless steel, copper, brass, bronze and aluminum.

(full) Wymiennik ciepła po trawieniu
Heat exchangers after pickling

(oryginal) zb przed traw mały   (oryginal) zb po traw
Tank for collecting water on ships
(before and after pickling)

(full) kubki do blenderów

Cups for blenders before and after pickling

(oryginal) dzwon2
Church bell before and after pickling

(oryginal) Obudowa aluminiowa
Aluminum housing after the process pickling


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